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Prefecture of Chalkidiki

Town built on the slopes of Chortiatis, 28 km north-east of Poligiros. The ancient city of Anthemouda, captured by the Macedonians in the end of the 6th BC century, was located in this area. The scattered prehistorical findings in the plain prove the early settlement in the area. Galatista was founded in BC 897 and around BC 1500 it was property of the Veziris Ishak Pasha. In the Revolution of 1821, it was burnt down by the Turks and abandoned for a short period of time. Workshops of painting of holy icons were flourishing in Galatista till 1900.

Important Sites:

  • The tower, byzantine building of the 14th century, dominates in the middle of the village. In front of it there are two windmills, probably of the Byzantine Period.
  • The churches of Agios Georgios, Panagia, Agios Demetrios, Agia Paraskevi and Agios Nickolaos, all of the 19th century, the flourishing era of the village.



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