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Nisiros Island

Prefecture of Dodekanisou


Homiros has reported that the island took part to the Trojan War. In the Historical years was colonized probably by Doris and later was for a while ,member of the Athenian-Dilian Confederacy. In 200 BC was incorporated to the Authority of Rhodes. In the posterior years the march and the destiny of Nisiros is almost the same with those of the rest Dodekanissa.From the many conquers ,specially the Crusaders(Knights of St.John)and the Turks left their sign at the island. In 1912 was captured by the Italians.The incorporation to Greece was in 1948.Today the island has got 948 residents.


Capital and port of the island has got 650 residents,Mandraki impresses with his picturesque. White houses-some colored-with flat roofs,outside decorated with pumice and inside covered with canes,balconies and gardens full with flowers and climbing flowers.Back streets are getting high to the castle and the Holy Mother the Spiliani.



  • The ruins of the ancient city under Mandraki with parts of fortified fence (4th centuryBC) and arched level of gate.

  • The ancient cemetery with findings 7th and 6th century and a grave of the 5th century BC.

  • The Castle-in a height of 150m-which dominates under the capital it’s been thought that is a building of Knights of Order of St.John(1315).It is still saved in a good condition.The view here is unique.It’s can been seen the grove of the square houses,the border with the black rocks that separates them from the sea and the islands Giali and Kandelousa.

  • In the opposed side from the port,north-west,up to a rock with height 30m there’s the monastery of Holy Mother the Spiliani(used to be a cave)protector of the island.Was built in 1600.His church is basilica with beautiful temple of the 18th century.There’s got small library with Turkish and Greek books and documents.Between the treasures that are keeping saved there’s got vestries,crosses, Gospels and moveable icons.

Islands around

Giali.Small island,4nm north-westfrom Nisiro.This is the place where is taking place the mining ,process and loading of pumice.There’s got a small settlement with about 30 residents most of them are workers.




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