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Prefecture of Viotias

The Libadia capital of the Prefecture with 21.492 residents has connected her name,according the mythology with the Athenian hero Lebado.She is built on the feet of Elikono and during the ancient years she was kwon for  the famous oracle of Trofoniou Zeus.Today there are still remains.She was also one of the cities of the Boiotic confederacy in the 8th century.She was occupied by Lyssandro in 395 BC and plundered later by Archelao. In 9th century she became the capital of Thematos Ellas.During the Franks(14th century) the Catalans built to the hill the castle which is still there. In 1460 the Turkish conquered her.At the Revolution of ’21 she was one of the first cities of Roumelis which roused with leader the Athanasio Diako who liberated the city.She was incorporated to the new Greek state on the 8 February 1829. She consists important agrarian and commercial center with main product the cotton which is cultivated at the desiccated lake of Kopaida.She is got remarkable handicraft cotton made threads.


  • At the place Kria, in the north part of the city the springs which are concurred with the ancient springs of Lithis and Mnimosinis(is reported by Pausania)

  • Few foundations and poor remains from the sanctum of Zeus and the oracle of Trofoniou have been founded at the mountain of Prophet Ilias.On his peak exists the medieval castle in which are preserved many fences.


Town near to the ancient Thespies.She is famous for the Blakchiko Wedding who is represented on the last Sunday of the Shrovetide.She is 3klm SE from Libadia.She is got 4525 residents.


  • In the area of the ancient Thespian -birthplace of the famous Frinis 4klm SW-are still remains of the Byzantine tower and after 3klm E remains ancient theater.

  • The archaeological collection Thespion,is building to the community of the village Thespies.Includes archaeological findings,sculptures,architectonic limbs inscriptions archaic and Roman Ages from the excavations to the district.

  • The monastery of Makariotissas with interesting wall paintings near to the village Korini,16,5klm SW from Thespies.

  • The female monastery of St.John Theologou Mazaraki,6klm from Bagia.His church was built in 1833.




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