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The Stavronikita Monastery

Agio Oros

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When you visit it, don’t miss out on enjoying the fabulous view. It is near Karies, 1,5 hours on foot. It must have been founded by Nikiforos Stavronikitas (967-976) the emperor’s officer. In the 13th century, it was devastated due to the continuous raids. The monastery was sold to Gregorious Geromeriatis who expanded the walls and restored the main church. After his death (1540), Patriarch Jeremy took over. It was totally destroyed by fire in 1607 and 1741. The monks renovated the main church and constructed the famous aqueduct (1628). During the War of Independence(1821) it underwent severe ordeals. Successive fires-1864, 1874 and 1879-destroyed all the previous efforts. What is typical at the monastery is the tall clogged tower.All the buildings are small. The main church was built in the 16th century. It is decorated with murals of the Cretan School. They were painted by Theofanis and his son, Symeon (1546). The portrait of Patriarch Jeremy I is depicting in the stones of the murals. The beautiful carved temple was constructed in 1743. The mosaic icon of St Nickolas is interesting- it was found by fishermen in the sea. An oyster was stuck on the head at St Nickolas. When it was removed, the head bled. Pieces of saints’ relics, old vestments etc are also kept in the monastery. The library includes 171 manuscripts(58 of them are on parchment). It is a coenobium with 40 monks. It has got the 15 position.


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